Boucle Chair Market Size, Trends, Share, Growth, and Opportunity Forecast, 2023 - 2030 Global Industry Analysis By Material Type (Wool Boucle, Cotton Boucle, Blend Boucle, and Others), By Application (Residential, and Commercial), By Sales Channel (Online Sales, and Offline Sales) and By Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa)

Boucle Chair Market Size, Trends, Share, Growth, and Opportunity Forecast, 2023 - 2030 Global Industry Analysis By Material Type (Wool Boucle, Cotton Boucle, Blend Boucle, and Others), By Application (Residential, and Commercial), By Sales Channel (Online Sales, and Offline Sales) and By Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa)
Region: Global
Published: March 2024
Report Code: CGNCGS527
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The Global Boucle Chair Market was valued at USD 1,617.4 Million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach a value of USD 2,652.9 Million by 2030 expanding at a CAGR of 6.5% between 2023 and 2030.

Boucle chair is a type of chair with a unique textured fabric usually made with a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. Boucle chairs are made from boucle fabric, a textured textile characterized by its small curls or loops. The boucle chairs are a fusion of elegance, and comfort, providing the fluffy feel that makes these materials so coveted. Boucle fabric is often soft and offers a luxurious feel while ensuring durability. Boucle chairs sets a new standard for sophistication and functionality in the furniture market, with its superior craftsmanship. The boucle chairs are becoming popular choice for interior design, as homeowners are seeking for a blend of comfort and style. Depending on the material type, the market is classified into wool boucle, cotton boucle, blend boucle, and other types of materials. The market is influenced by factors such as Changing consumer preferences, trend towards minimalism, comfort and durability, and growing urbanization. The boucle chair market serves both residential customers and commercial establishments such as hotels and hospitality businesses.

Boucle Chair Market Major Driving Forces

Changing Consumer Preferences: The market is being driven by a shift, in consumer preferences towards comfortable options, such as boucle chairs. Consumers are increasingly looking for furniture products that offer enhanced comfort and relaxation.

Trend Towards Minimalism: The rising trend towards minimalism and popularity of contemporary drives the demand for boucle chairs. Boucle chairs has unique texture and modern appeal that perfectly complement this design aesthetics.

Comfort and Durability: Boucle chairs are gaining popularity in contemporary interior design due to their blend of style and comfort.  Furniture manufacturers are offering boucle chairs in a wide range of styles, making them a popular choice for consumers seeking for comfort and durable options.

Growing Urbanization: The increasing urbanization coupled with the growing number of households, particularly in emerging economies drive the demand for boucle chairs. Many people are shifting into urban areas and seeking for more stylish and comfortable furniture for their home, contributing to the market growth.  

Boucle Chair Market Key Opportunities

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options: With the increasing environmental concerns, consumers are showing preference for sustainable and ethically produced furniture. The increasing demand for eco-friendly products presents an opportunity for the boucle chair market to develop and promote sustainable options. Manufacturers can capitalize on this trend by using recycled and organic materials or offering boucle chairs with responsible sourcing and production.

Online Retail and E-commerce Growth: The continued growth of online retail and e-commerce platforms provides an opportunity for boucle chair manufacturers to expand their reach and tap into a broader customer base. Online sales channels allow for easier product accessibility and global market penetration.

Customization and Personalization: Consumers increasingly seek personalized and unique furniture products. Boucle Chair manufacturers can offer customization options, allowing customers to choose materials, sizes, and designs tailored to their preferences. This trend enhances customer engagement and brand loyalty, creating opportunities for premium and niche markets.

Boucle Chair Market Key Trends

·         The significant shift towards home offices, as remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, there is growing demand for boucle chairs as they offer comfort and aesthetics appeal

·         Surge in demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products as consumers are prioritizing ethically sourced materials and production processes

·         Ongoing innovations in design and technology for smart functioning, and enhance the appeal of boucle chairs

·         The increasing influence of social media platforms, as people share their home interiors on these platforms are driving demand for boucle chairs

·         Rising popularity of contemporary and minimalist interior design styles is another significant trend in the market

·         Major companies incorporating boucle into their designs, utilizing premium boucle materials to create luxurious boucle chairs

·         Customized and designer boucle chair covers becoming a trend, allowing consumers to match their individual preferences with interior design

Region-wise Market Insights

North America accounted for the largest market share at 33.3% in 2022 whereas, Asia Pacific is expected to register the fastest growth, expanding at a CAGR of 7.0% between 2023 and 2030.

In North America, the demand is driven by a strong economy, increasing preference for modern and minimalist furniture, focus on quality, comfort, and luxury in furniture products. The North American consumer values high-quality boucle chairs for enhanced comfort, and this preference drives the demand for premium boucle chair options in the region. Europe emphasizes on eco-friendly and sustainable materials, design, and quality for boucle chairs. In Asia-Pacific, the market is characterized by burgeoning middle class, increasing urbanization, and rising disposable incomes which has created an increasing demand for boucle chairs. The Middle East and Africa has been witnessing a growing demand for boucle chairs with increasing interest in modern interior design, whereas in Latin America, the market is influenced by increasing urbanization, and middle class with increasing demand for contemporary furniture. Online retail and e-commerce platforms have expanded the global market reach, making it easier for consumers to access a wide range of boucle chair options.

Market Competition Landscape

The global boucle chair market is characterized by high degree of competition among a large number of manufacturers. Key players in the boucle chair market engage in strategies aimed at gaining a competitive edge. These strategies include product innovation, design differentiation, and the incorporation of sustainable and eco-friendly materials to meet evolving consumer preferences. Established brands leverage their reputation for quality and reliability to maintain market share, while newer entrants focus on disruptive innovations and unique selling propositions.

E-commerce and online retailing has intensified market competition offering a platform for both established and emerging brands to reach a wider customer base. Market competition is also fueled by the diverse needs of consumers across regions, including variations in materials, sizes, and designs.

Key players in the global boucle chair market implement various organic and inorganic strategies to strengthen and improve their market positioning. Prominent players in the market include:

·         Cassina S.p. A.


·         CB2

·         IKEA

·         Fritz Hansen

·         GUBI

·         Knoll, Inc.


·         West Elm

·         Industry West

·         Mobelaris

·         Modholic

·         Moroso s.p.a.

·         Rove Concepts

Report Attribute/Metric


Market Revenue in 2022

USD 1,617.4 Million

Market Revenue in 2030

USD 2,652.9 Million

CAGR (2023 – 2030)


Base Year


Forecast Period

2023 – 2030

Historical Data

2018 to 2022

Forecast Unit

Value (US$ Mn)

Key Report Deliverable

Revenue Forecast, Growth Trends, Market Dynamics, Segmental Overview, Regional and Country-wise Analysis, Competition Landscape

Segments Covered

·   By Material Type (Wool Boucle, Cotton Boucle, Blend Boucle, and Others)

·   By Application (Residential, and Commercial)

·   By Sales Channel (Online Sales, and Offline Sales)

Geographies Covered

North America: U.S., Canada and Mexico

Europe: Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, and Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific: China, India, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Rest of Asia Pacific

South America: Brazil, Argentina, and Rest of Latin America

Middle East & Africa:  GCC Countries, South Africa, and Rest of Middle East & Africa

Key Players Analyzed

Cassina S.p. A.,,CB2,IKEA,Fritz Hansen,GUBI,Knoll, Inc.,INDOR FURNITURE LIMITED,West Elm,Industry West,Mobelaris,Modholic,Moroso s.p.a., and Rove Concepts

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